For over 50 years we are specialized in the manufacture of sheet metal such as laser cutting, punching, bending and welding. We produce most different structures and components in iron, steel and special steel for industrial machines. Chassis, frames, carters, welded structures, panels, brackets, columns for industrial machinery in sectors like textile machinery, agricultural(farming), automotive, furniture and wellness. Ideas that become concrete parts through steel.

Who knows the working of iron and steel, knows that all stages, from cutting to welding are crucial for the quality of any product. Therefore, for us, the professionality of our staff is as important as the technologies used. This is the road taken to ensure there's always the best for our customers and create quality products.



Quality at the speed of light
  • The continuous and often very fast advancement of technology leads CAUDEK to constantly renew its fleet. These are important investments that have resulted, however, the quality, versatility and competitiveness of their products. The laser system, for example, run by a computer, allows you to minimize waste production, to optimize the path, to mask the loading and unloading and to work without the direct presence of operator.


A new dimension
  • A facility dedicated exclusively to the cut section of tube with round, square, rectangular, oval, inscribed in ø140 mm, with thicknesses up to 8 mm on carbon steel. The power used is 2000 W. The management of loading and unloading of the bars, the maximum length of 6500 mm, is fully automatic. In addition to simple cut can be performed both at the ends along the surface of the tube, including holes, slots,...


A full range of possibilities
  • Chassis, frames, carters, welded structures, panels, brackets, columns for industrial machinery in the textile machinery, automobiles and paper every day CAUDEK transforms ideas into reality and needs of its customers. Upon request, CAUDEK components can be supplied already assembled and painted.


200 Tons, your needs take a good bend
  • After being cut, including the bending is done with high technology - numerical control machines. Currently used presses have a capacity of 200 tons and can bend metal with a length up to 3000 mm, with the utmost precision and in a way as to satisfy the most different requirements for each type of machine industry.


UNI EN 3834-2:2006
  • Who knows the working of iron and steel, knows that the process of welding is critical to the quality of any product. And in it, the professionality of the operators is as important as the technologies used. For this, CAUDEK employs only highly skilled cerified welders in accordance with the international standards ISO 9606, which regulate the welding process of steel with MIG / MAG and TIG.



  • In 1968 Mr. Franc Caudek founded the company. Initially it was a craft working for the supply of components to a major textile machinery company in the area.


  • In 1986 comes the first step, when, due largely to an effective enterprise policy, the company expanded by moving into the new factory of 5,000 m2.


  • In 1994 we introduced the first laser cutting sheet metal, with the target to optimize the cutting quality and to minimize waste production.


  • In 1997, to meet the increasingly demanding organizational needs, CAUDEK is certified UNI EN ISO 9002 which represented a new start for the continued growth and improvement. The certificate was updated in 2003 under the new ISO 9001:2000.


  • In 2000, the laser cutting machine was replaced by a new one with a new concept, which allows to optimize the cutting path and travel as well as to mask the loading and unloading and to work without the operator.


  • In 2001 comes the new division dedicated to the laser tube. The laser cutting technology applied to the pipe size you can cut any shape, holes, slots so on medium sized lots.


  • In 2004, CAUDEK provides a corporate restructuring and changed its name to Caudek Srl(Ltd), increasing social capital, while maintaining the characteristic family management.


  • In 2008, CAUDEK celebrates forty years of activity, an important goal that is to share: starting with participation in the SAMUMETAL exhibition, in Pordenone, in a completely renovated and expanded stand.


  • In 2017, CAUDEK gets the ISO 3834-2 certification.

For 50 years we shaped the future

Fifty years lived intensely, investing all our energy in a technological and structural evolution. Fifty years of great changes and great results, thanks to the passion of Franz and Klara who have created our company to all employees who have shared our commitment and to all our customers, partners and friends.



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